Make a web presence

A set of works from a sketch on paper to a working site

Comprehensive work from a sketch on paper to the launch of the site in a week. We quickly and very cost-effectively solved all the issues with the creation of a simple web-representation for the European charitable foundation Heart to Heart.


  • ❖ Very quickly and as cheaply as possible to make a business card web site for a charitable foundation.

  • ❖ Make all the necessary preparations and launch the site on a turnkey basis

What was done

  • ❖ Based on the found ready-made templates, a prototype of the future site was created very quickly (in 3-4 hours).

  • ❖ Discussed with the customer all changes in the structure of the site and its content

  • ❖ Found and selected pictures and other design elements on free resources in compliance with copyrights and intellectual property

  • ❖ Found, agreed and registered a suitable free domain name

  • ❖ Selected and connected a security certificate

  • ❖ We chose and agreed on the most appropriate and secure option for hosting the site – GitHub Pages

  • ❖ Set up GitHub account for convenient work, including automation deploy system (CI/CD)

  • ❖ Created and set up a system for receiving donations based on PayPal

  • ❖ Connected GMail and Google Analytics

  • ❖ Made all the settings for SEO

  • ❖ All accounts were handed over to the representative of the fund with instructions on changing passwords and access rights