Web Development

Today, 85% of all business applications are webapp.

Web application is the mainstream in modern business information systems. Because it gives you great flexibility and amazing features for simultaneous use on different devices such as smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops with multiple monitors.

Web applications are not the same as a website

To create a modern web application, you need to take into account a huge number of factors and have significant skills in creating computer systems. Necessary:

  • ❖ Choose the architecture of the application in accordance with the future conditions of its operation

  • ❖ Define data structures and how they are stored, as well as input and output

  • ❖ Define the technology stack, taking into account the balance between development speed, flexibility and features, maintenance cost and limitations

  • ❖ Determine the design of the user interface, as well as approaches to adapt it to different screen sizes

  • • Determine how other applications will interact with this

Web Sites

A special case of web development is the development of a business card website or landing page. Modern development tools allow you to create such applications very quickly at a sufficient level of quality. We undertake such work based on modern tools such as:

  • Hosting + Web Site Constructor
    • •
    • •
    • •
    • •
    • • etc.
  • Static Site Generator
    • • Hugo
    • • etc.

But these jobs are more about customization than development. More about them in the DevOps & IT Support section