Report Engine

Automatic creation of documents

Parametric standard documents are very convenient for everyday work. Any reports and documents that you periodically create can be obtained with less effort, without errors and much faster.

What is Parametric document?

We will help you form the documents that you use every day in such a format that it will be enough to fill out a form with basic information, and after processing you will receive a ready-made beautiful printed document. For example:

  • ❖ Fatura-Invoice
  • ❖ Agreement (of any complexity, taking into account any changes in the structure, depending on the type of agreement, etc.)
  • ❖ Daily, weekly, or monthly report (which will be automatically generated with one click
  • ❖ And much more.


Parametric documents can be connected to your business process and generated automatically without being connected to your business process.

We organize almost any of your wishes for the formation of documents and reports