Consulting & PM

A process that no one controls leads to unexpected results

Half of the success of the project is in a clear understanding of what needs to be done and how. Another third of success is in the proper organization of the process. The rest is the adequacy of the project team and luck.

Our offer

  • ❖ We approach the management of all our projects (both external and internal) with the utmost responsibility. When ordering a project from us, be sure that we will plan everything and agree on a plan with you even before the start of work. You can learn more about our approach to project management

  • ❖ We can, by agreement, manage your project acting as an independent project manager

  • ❖ We can fulfill the role of a Business Analyst / Systems Analyst / Data Analyst in your project

  • ❖ We can develop a project management methodology based on the world’s best, aligned with the business processes in your company

  • ❖ We can implement a corporate project management information system for you and help you adjust all business processes

Our Project Management Approach

  • ❖ We alway make Business Requirement Document – a short description of “what we expect”

  • ❖ We make top-level plan, scheduler and preliminary budget. We discuss it with our customer.

  • ❖ After work starts, we are taking present our project management approach to our customer and freeze the project baseline

  • ❖ Twice per month, we discuss with our customer intermediate project results, project actual time spent, and actual cost expenses. We will update the project plan & project schedule after that.

  • ❖ We are flexible in using project management methodologies. We know the pros & cons of traditional and agile methodologies, and make the right choice for each case.